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OsteoTec membrane fixation instrument for hard and soft tissue regeneration

The OsteoTac Membrane Fixation Device has been specially developed for the fixation of membranes in hard and soft tissue regeneration in the patient's jaw. By using the OsteoTac membrane fixation instrument, the previous approach of manual fixation of the membranes - which is rather imprecise and at the same time very time consuming - is replaced.



In our Implant Solutions milling and planning center, we offer surgical and prosthetic planning as well as 3D printing for models and surgical guides. To perform the work at Implant Solutions, a digital image of the patient's jaw in the DVT center is necessary. On the basis of these data, the production takes place a three-dimensional drilling template. This template, with an accuracy of about 0.1 mm, contributes to a significant improvement in prosthetics and surgery. Furthermore, Implant Solutions mills individual abutments made of zirconium dioxide or titanium, not only for K3Pro® implants, but also for many others Implant systems.


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