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Allogeneic grafts are another success factor of the company. With Osteograft, Argon provides products that meet all the criteria of modern augmentative surgery for GTR and GBR applications. The high standard of the management for maximum safety is fulfilled by the cooperation with the German Institute for Cell and Tissue Replacement (DIZG) in Berlin. Osteograft grafts are manufactured by the DIZG from the German donor program and are approved as drugs. Extensive criteria for donor selection, a donor screening that exceeds the EU directive, and a validated sterilization procedure to remove or inactivate viruses, bacteria and fungi form the basis for the greatest possible product confidence among healthcare providers and patients.




In our Implant Solutions milling and planning center, we offer surgical and prosthetic planning as well as 3D printing for models and surgical guides. To perform the work at Implant Solutions, a digital image of the patient's jaw in the DVT center is necessary. On the basis of these data, the production takes place a three-dimensional drilling template. This template, with an accuracy of about 0.1 mm, contributes to a significant improvement in prosthetics and surgery. Furthermore, Implant Solutions mills individual abutments made of zirconium dioxide or titanium, not only for K3Pro® implants, but also for many others Implant systems.


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