K3Pro® Implant with compression thread design. The implant drill specifies the direction of the implant. The parallel thread and the slightly conical implant body offer an increased surface area compared to conventional implants. Sure implants are suitable for all indications and provide ideal primary stability in all bone densities from D1 to D4. The sloping shoulder and the subcrestal insert allow a tight bone seal and a low emergence profile from the sulcus. Thus, the bone and papillae is secured in the long run.




1.5° self-clamping cone


Bacterial sealed/ micro-motion-free implant/prosthetic connection


1, 2 mm anti-rotation hexagon


Abutment screw with spiral, self-locking thread


OsteoActive® surface for fast and safe osseointegration


Two parallel threads


Sloping shoulder for crestal bone preservation and preservation of soft tissue


Conical shaped Implant Body


Cylindrical shaped thread Gewindedesign


Compression thread for increased primary stability


Apical rounded tip for a gentle insertion

  Apical thread for rapid bone remodeling




In our Implant Solutions milling and planning center, we offer surgical and prosthetic planning as well as 3D printing for models and surgical guides. To perform the work at Implant Solutions, a digital image of the patient's jaw in the DVT center is necessary. On the basis of these data, the production takes place a three-dimensional drilling template. This template, with an accuracy of about 0.1 mm, contributes to a significant improvement in prosthetics and surgery. Furthermore, Implant Solutions mills individual abutments made of zirconium dioxide or titanium, not only for K3Pro® implants, but also for many others Implant systems.


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