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Welcome to the digital world of diagnostics

3D X-Ray Technology - Leading image quality and reduced X-ray dose for your patients. The DVT Center Bingen am Rhein offers DVT (cone beam) images of the tooth, mouth and jaw area. The natural environmental radiation to which all humans are exposed is approximately 400 times higher than the radiation due to a DVT image. Lower radiation exposure at the highest image resolution in 2D and 3D imaging is the convincing feature of this diagnostic. It is no higher than the exposure of a pilot on a flight from Frankfurt to New York. Like any radiation diagnostic, no DVT is taken during pregnancy.

What is the procedure for your patients?

With the registration form in the download section of our homepage, register your patient and make an appointment. Our medical team carries out the DVT (cone beam) recording You have the opportunity to carry out the diagnosis yourself or have it done by our doctors. The DICOM data set will be handed to you.

Low radiation dose:

Every day we are exposed to natural radiation. In Germany, the cosmic radiation exposure is on average 5 μSv every day. This corresponds to about one hour of flight at 10,000 m altitude or a digital two-dimensional panoramic x-ray of the upper and lower jaw (OPG). A DVT radiograph corresponds to a radiation exposure of approx. 15-150 μSv, depending on the device and the size of the examined volume. A CT scan corresponds to a radiation exposure of approx. 300-1200 μSv. Freely scalable volume sizes make particularly low radiation exposure possible. A special advantage is the Guiding Light for the perfect positioning of the volume sizes on the patient.


The key to the digital workflow

Over the years, a broad-based dental industry has settled at the historically grown industrial location of Bingerbrück, which has decisively shaped the Franz-Kirsten building complex with around 2,000 square meters of office and production space. In addition to the production of dental implants, as well as measuring and testing machines for the dental medical technology, also provide dental service companies from laboratory technology, the DVT center Bingen, and also located here IFZB (Implantology Training Center Bingen) for a well-rounded offer Industry and service.

In the course of digitization in dental implantology, the company Implant Solutions GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2015 by the entrepreneurial families Bösing (Bösing Dental) and Donaca (ARGON Medical). With this range of services, the missing module has been added to be able to offer the digital workflow in its complete bandwidth at one location. Implant Solutions is a cooperation partner for dental laboratories, dentists, orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons who want to use implant planning, 3D printing and milling services with the quality promise "Made in Germany".


Your records - our editing

The basis for creating a drilling template is the DICOM dataset, which can either be provided by you or created by us. The drilling templates and models are then produced in a 3D printing process using the Digital Light Processing (DLP) process, which, taking into account the different thicknesses of the polymerizing layers, guarantees a highly precise result. In addition, the medically approved materials used in production allow for particularly low tolerance limits and at the same time ensure that no material shrinkage takes place on the product. These light and moisture-stable, as well as abrasion-resistant models, despite their strength, work well. The described method can be used across the entire range of working models - from the model for restorations to orthodontic appliances. Also included in the production scope is the 3D planning of bone defects, as well as the production of corresponding master blocks. On request, we plan the implantological restoration, both surgically and prosthetically. Production takes place after your approval.


Test - passed!

The cornerstones of product development are the laboratory test results obtained on specially designed in-house dental implant testing machines. With a testing capacity of more than 4,000 weekly test hours, the laboratory is one of the leading players in this field. The findings gained form the basis for detailed refinements, new developments and quality assurance in ongoing production.

The extensive tests secure the market success of the K3Pro® products, which has been developed over more than 15 years, and form an integral part of the long-term and sustainable corporate orientation.

Dental implant testing with DORA 14801 - testing, measuring, optimizing and recording in-house.

For the in-product development unrelenting in implant technology, the measurement and test technology plays an increasingly important role. A few years ago, we predicted a significant upturn in DIN EN 14801-compliant test procedures, but now there is a clear market reaction to these forecasts. In order to be able to continue to guarantee this high standard in development, the DORA 14801 test system has been developed. Its specially designed technology and modular expandability make it ideal for in-house testing.

The dynamic fatigue test for dental implants according to DIN EN ISO 14801 required in implantology development was usually carried out by test institutes equipped for this purpose. However, these product inspection and quality assurance related tests are very time consuming and costly. Repeat tests, design changes or even product optimization efforts are associated with additional costs and often have an inhibiting effect on the time-to-market of the product.

The DORA 14801 measuring and testing station was specially developed for the examination of endosseous dental implants in your in-house laboratory. In addition to this special test orientation, the modular expandability of the test system allows a clear flexibility with regard to the chronology of the test cycles and a comparatively low investment requirement.

Especially with regard to the flexibility of the plant size, our development engineers reacted with fundamental innovations. Whereas single-station testing systems used to be the norm, the modular expansion of the DORA 14801 test system via a single central control unit - the DORA CONTROL - permits parallel operation of up to eight individual test stations. With the resulting efficiency in terms of time savings, product optimization and cost reduction, you are able to set new standards in your business with the DORA 14801.

DORA 14801 - Effective time savings and high efficiency for your business.



Your lead in X-ray technology

Especially in 2014, Samsung relocated its core business into medical technology and, with RAY, gained a partner for the development of state-of-the-art X-ray technology. Compliance with the highest standards, coupled with the pursuit of uncompromising quality, laid the foundation for international success and broad customer acceptance. Today, RAY markets RAYSCAN X-ray technology under its own name. We at XRAY Germany are pleased to offer you this modern technology with unique selling points exclusively


Quality "Made in Bingen", a high degree of innovation and a pronounced customer focus

- that's what we stand for as an owner-managed master laboratory Bösing Dental. With 37 employees, we, Christoph Bösing, Birgit Tudor and Niklas Bösing, pursue our highest goal of always offering dental products and services as something individually special. A high degree of accessibility, quick action through short decision-making processes and the highest degree of openness and reliability are qualities that we live in a spirit of co-operative contact with customers, suppliers and patients with passion. Technically, we use in our converted premises all procedures that characterize a modern equipped dental laboratory and act on a high technical level. Through continuous training our employees experience the know-how of the latest developments in dentistry and technology and use this every day. We see ourselves as a partner of the dentist, our suppliers and the patient, whose claim to the best possible dental and dental care we like to meet. 

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